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You know those tech teams that somehow seem to work faster, smarter, harder, and ship the best products, too? Of course you do. F9 Teams transforms your software engineering using models developed, tested, and implemented in tech’s most innovative tech environments. (That’s a long way of saying they work.)

Foundation by F9


Meet Foundation by F9, the operating model for high-performing tech teams. Foundation is the playbooks, tools, resources, automation, and templates proven to transform your entire tech organization. Because creating high-performing software development requires more than putting butts in seats and handing over a laptop, Foundation will help you set an industry-leading pace in a fraction of the time. At a fraction of the cost, too.

The operating model for high-performing tech teams.


Tools & Automation



Focusing on essential software development capabilities, Foundation enables teams to solve every type of complex engineering problem—from recruiting, to shipping, to building internal culture, and beyond. We’ve successfully run these playbooks at small, private enterprises and $1 billion-plus public companies. Everywhere in between, too.

Who we are


Our principals hail from technology first-companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Netflix. We built F9 Teams to enable organizations of all sizes at all junctures to create teams of happy, high-performing engineers who ship software that customers love on a frequent, regular cadence.

Robert Duffy

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Schoonover

Chief Technology Officer

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